Reinsulation in Savannah, GA

Does your home or business in Savannah need more insulation, or perhaps a complete replacement of its existing insulation? If you’ve noticed signs of inadequate, aged or damaged insulation, the next step to keeping your property safe, comfortable and energy-efficient is reinsulation, also known as retrofit insulation.

With the help of the insulation and energy efficiency experts at IBP Savannah, your home or business can transform from drafty to flawlessly climate-controlled. We’ll help you develop a comprehensive solution for reinsulation, considering your goals, budget, current insulation and other factors.

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Reinsulation/Retrofit Insulation

Reinsulation refers to the process of improving the insulation of an existing building with inadequate insulation. This can involve a number of different processes.

It might mean adding insulation where none currently exists if parts of the building like the attic or crawl space never had appropriate insulation installed. It might mean pulling out existing insulation and replacing it with new, high-quality insulation with superior thermal properties. It might mean adding additional insulation layers or filling in gaps without removing existing insulation, allowing you to benefit from what you already have.

A complete retrofit of your insulation will likely involve several of these in combination, using different materials and approaches to tackle different flaws in your current insulation. The goal is to create a thorough, complete barrier against air, heat and moisture infiltration; you might also aim to add soundproofing.

For retrofit insulation projects, IBP Savannah typically works with two key materials:

  • Fiberglass insulation – Classic fiberglass insulation remains a highly effective, cost-efficient option for insulation. We might utilize loose-fill for different parts of your building, like what you might have seen in attics and the thick panel-like batts you may have seen in walls. Fiberglass offers a high R-value with very low costs.
  • Spray foam insulation – Spray foam insulation in open-cell and closed-cell formulations offer exceptionally high R-values and can be applied to fill nearly any nook or cranny flawlessly, as it applies wet and then expands as it dries. Closed-cell spray foam can be used as a vapor barrier to effectively block out moisture for basements, crawl spaces, etc.

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When Is Retrofit Insulation Necessary?

Reinsulation is necessary when your current insulation no longer adequately separates the inside of your building from the exterior to a satisfactory degree. You can spot problems with your existing insulation by looking for these signs:

  • Unusually high energy use, despite efficient HVAC and good weatherproofing
  • Drafts, hot spots and cold spots in rooms along the outside of your house
  • Floors, ceilings or exterior walls that are hot or cold to the touch
  • Ice dams forming on the edge of your roof because heat leaking from your attic melts snow which then refreezes
  • Physical damage to your insulation due to natural disasters, accidents, remodeling, etc.
  • Infiltration of air, moisture, etc. from outside into your building

By reinsulating your building, you can eliminate these problems, bring down energy costs, improve indoor air quality and even discourage problems like mold growth due to moisture infiltration. You can also improve soundproofing if desired.

Why Choose IBP Savannah for Reinsulation?

For decades, the Installed Building Products family has stood as a national leader in insulation. By working with IBP Savannah on your retrofit insulation project, you’ll benefit from our outstanding institutional expertise, our versatile and broad experience with different insulation materials and buildings and a foundation of excellence built up over the years.

Start your consultation for insulation retrofitting in Savannah today! Dial (704) 302-4782 or contact IBP Savannah online to begin the process!

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